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Achieve your wellness goals with the help of Vibe Organic Juice Bar & Café. Our juice bar offers 100% organic plant-based juices, smoothies, acai bowls, and other all-natural food options on-site daily. If you want to skip fast food meals and start eating as healthily as you do at home, we have your back. You can trust the integrity of our ingredients since we work with local suppliers whenever possible. Come raise your vibe with us! We serve customers in Minneapolis and St. Louis Park, MN.

Our Team

About our Juice Bar

Vibe Organic Juice Bar is a locally owned business. For many years, our owner and founder, Amber Thielen, had a passion for cooking, eating organic food, and living a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Amber is also a Certified Health Coach which makes her very conscious of the ingredients that go into each recipe. All of the recipes are what clean eating really means, not just the food but the ingredients that go into it.

Needing a break from work in her corporate job, she decided to go on a wellness retreat in Northern California. She knew her body needed a rest from the standard American diet and unhealthy food that surrounded her daily in the office. Incorporated into the wellness retreat she attended was a juice cleanse, something that was completely new to her.

After juicing for 7 full days, an awakening occurred. She felt a sense of enlightenment, being aware of what you put into your body that can truly nourish you. The experience was exactly what she had been seeking and as a result, Amber noticed changes within, including an overall better sense of clarity, better sense of smell, better mood, controlled sugar cravings, and weight loss all from drinking juice and eating raw vegan foods.

After coming back to Minnesota, she decided it was time to do something she had a passion for and could share with everyone. She began to juice at home and started incorporating more plant-based foods into her diet. Juicing at home and cooking organic is wonderful but when life gets busy, it can be hard to do. When she turned to look for someplace she could trust that was fast, local, organic, healthy, plant-based, and great tasting food, it occurred to her that there was an opportunity to combine her work and passion at the same time. Vibe Organic Juice Bar was founded to bring the community together through sharing a common goal: to be healthy, live awake, and keep our one and only body in balance.


Thank you for your interest in Vibe Organic Juice Bar. Contact us to learn more about our plant-based juices, vegetable sandwiches, and other products. You may also visit our bar to place an order.

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